Yesterday morning I hauled my butt out of bed at 5.30 for a photo shoot with two guys that I’d been chatting to on model mayhem about collaborating. David, the less shy one of the two in the photos, is an artist working on his Masters in Art who is originally from Perth. He does a lot of beautiful photography himself (@davidcharlescollins on Instagram) and he decided he wanted to see what it was like on the other side of the camera. Adam is a gorgeous guy who has done some modelling in the past and just wanted to dip his toes back into that world. (@butlerstyling on Instagram).

They were both up for wearing silly paper pirate hats and wielding cardboard swords to go along with my theme of adults not wanting to grow up. Honestly I’m not entirely convinced that those paper hat shots are the best ones from the day but we had a lot of fun on the shoot. It ended up being a very quick shoot, even quicker than my usual fairly fast shoot. The guys got on really well and worked well together. It makes my job so much easier when models bring a sense of fun and adventure to a shoot. I keep my shoots fast and light hearted even when I’m doing something bonkers to the models like covering them in sticks etc. These guys were laughing a lot because their pirate hats looked absurd and also kept blowing away.

A very lovely friend, Tim also came along to film the shoot for us so that I can share with you, the behind the scenes. It’s a big ask to request a friend to get up before 6 on a weekend but Tim seemed to enjoy himself.