Tomorrow morning getting up at a stupid hour of the morning for a photo shoot. It’s another shoot with some paper/cardboard props. This time I’m shooting two young beautiful guys with cardboard swords and possibly paper hats almost like they are two young kids that are playing pirates near the water.

I’ve somehow managed to get a friend to get up at a that ridiculous hour to come and film the shoot for another behind the scenes video. I guess there are perks for him, getting to film two beautiful nude men even if it does have to be at that hour of the morning. He is the same friend that did such a good job filming for the kite shoot with Andrew a few months ago.

Sometimes I do wish this hobby of mine didn’t mean getting up at 5.40 in the morning. To make it worse I’m not at work today because I’m going to a 50th birthday lunch of a friend which will no doubt be a very boozy affair. Obviously I will have some drinks but I can’t get too pissed because being hung over and trying to be professional tomorrow morning is not a great plan.