I’ve just got home from a pub meal with a couple of friends. It was a quick and early meal but as we were leaving I ran into a couple of women that I hadn’t seen in a few years. They are people I met through my last boyfriend which ended 5 years ago now. They are both friends on facebook and one of them especially I have lots to talk about as we both work in creative fields and have a lot of passion for art and creativity.

Because we hadn’t seen each other in a few years we did the usual chat updating each other on life. She’s with a lovely partner having a ball and loving life. She asked if I was dating etc which got clearly a no in response. I asked if my ex was seeing anyone as he is a very private man and you would never know from his social media if he was seeing anyone or not. While he was the one to end the relationship and I was gutted at the time, it didn’t take long to realise that he had made the right decision and just had the balls to make it earlier than I did.

We have very different lives and we just weren’t a good match. While I didn’t agree with all of his reasons to break up at the time, I do know that he made the right decision. I genuinely hope that he does find Mr Right because he is a total sweetheart and I’d like to see him happy. Unfortunately I would hazard a guess that his career choice and lifestyle makes it a little harder to meet someone. It’s weird being on social media at times and wondering if any of the people with him in the photos he posts are someone he’s dating when realistically it’s none of my business.

I don’t have many exes at all and I’m friends with a few of them on social media. One that I was besotted with even though it was a very brief relationship is now happily loved up and the most recent, as I’ve said I would have no idea. Back in the “olden days” we never used to be able to see what our exes were up to and maybe that was a better arrangement.