When I haven’t had any sex in a long time, which isn’t that unusual for me and I haven’t been dating or having any cuddles of any kind which has been AGES, I start to crave physical touch. I’ve blogged about that in the past. This is when I typically find myself looking for a massage. First up, I just plain old love a good massage. They help get rid of the knots in my muscles and the tension in my neck from sitting at a computer for far too long. Secondly, I firmly believe that we are programmed to desire physical touch. It is good for the soul. While I am saving for my big European adventure, treating myself to a massage isn’t in my budget.

A few years ago I was a member of a site called massage exchange but it was pretty rubbish. It was all about finding people to swap massages with and I had some minor luck on there. Well there is a new player in town. Zenbrisa is a new website that so far only has a handful of people (pardon the pun) on it in Sydney but it looks way more legit than the other site did. As expected most of the men seeking massage exchanges with other men on there have ticked the “sensual” massage box as well as the theraputic. That’s perfectly fine by me. It doesn’t have to end in a happy ending but if they’ve ticked that box we are both likely to be nude and there won’t be any nervous hands dodging the good bits will there?