This morning I was up and about early and naked on the beach by 9.30am. Wind was predicted for this afternoon and the timing of the tides was perfect to get down there early and spend a few hours relaxing au naturel before coming home to get some blogging and study done.

Unlike the time a couple of weeks ago when I went down to the beach the nudies were in the majority and the beach had a really nice relaxed vibe about it today. What really struck me was the number of couples down there. I always see couples down there of course but today I saw some really sweet interactions. There was a straight couple in their mid-late forties who were just really sweet to each other, having a laugh and relaxing. One of the other couples I saw down there was a guy I have known of but never met for several years. He’s a prominent member of the gay rugby team the Sydney Convicts so I’ve seen his face around in promotions and interviews for years.

He’s a big stocky rugby player guy with spectacular thighs and a good body. His boyfriend is a lean athletically built guy with what would be called a really tight swimmers build. They were just enjoying some naked sunshine time together but watching them in the water brought a smile to my face. The water was quite cool but not uncomfortably so. They were floating around hugging and giving each other little kisses. Before they came out of the water they were standing apart and they kept looking at each others cocks. From behind them I couldn’t tell if they were waiting for boners to go away or worrying about shrinkage but it looked like a sweet little interaction.

It was a great way to start the day and coming home at barely lunch time I felt like I’d had a full day down there before the wind picked up and I decided to head home.