This week’s news has been scary and sad with the world feeling very uncertain with Trump at the helm of the U.S. I’m not going to discuss the very slim chance of the Electoral Colleges blocking his rise to President, nor Michael Moore’s plan to impeach him. I’m not informed enough to discuss it all. He terrifies me and while I would never encourage or endorse an assassination, I genuinely think I would struggle to mourn him in the slightest. That would only leave Pence in charge and I believe he’s worse to be honest.

What I will do instead is talk about how I believe there is way too much good in the world to think we won’t triumph in the long run. Perhaps this radical shift towards conservatism and extreme bigotry will force a rising up of all the open minded people in the world to push us further ahead than we ever dreamt. In the spirit of multiculturalism and a big hug across the world between all nations, here is an old video of a swimwear fashion parade where all the swimwear bears the flag designs of all different nations, lovingly displayed on incredibly hot men.

There are three minutes of other swimwear model men before the flags but that won’t hurt international relations if you watch that too. I promise.