Tom Woodson… that is the name you might want to go and google. Be careful though there are a couple of people with that name and this guy is the only one you want to see so you might want to adjust that google search by adding the word nude.

Tom is a 43 year old model from Cologne in Germany. He’s modelled for pretty much all the good male physique photographers including Dylan Rosser and Mark Henderson. His look has changed over the years from less bearded to more bearded, shaved head to a full head of hair. There are some things that are constant though including the brooding sexy as hell face, rocking body and the other blindingly obvious trait, a beautiful penis.

Did you see where I mentioned that Tom lives in Cologne in Germany? Have you remembered where I’ve said I’m going next year? Yup. I’ll be in Cologne for three nights in July next year and I’m dearly hoping that Tom goes from my photography wish list to my portfolio with a shoot there. We have communicated on Model Mayhem and he paid me some very big compliments about my photography so there is a realistic chance that it will happen if we can work out the timing. The challenge for me will be to shoot him in a way that he hasn’t been photographed before and bring something new to both our portfolios.