Last night’s nude night was a very low key affair. A few guys couldn’t make it in the end so there were only 5 of us but it was great to just sit around and catch up. The conversation was lively and fun and it was the perfect way to wrap up the week.

It certainly wasn’t as lively and rowdy as a few of the other nude nights we’ve had in the past. There were no shots done out of foreskins and there was no sexual shenanigans. In some ways that’s good and some that’s not as good but with the friends that were there it’s 95% good. The only reason I would have liked it to get frisky is because I haven’t had any action in months but it wasn’t the right crowd for it anyway.

This morning I took a friend visiting from the U.S. and another friend who is going to model for me down to the nude beach. Unfortunately it was really windy and not very comfortable so we only stayed for an hour or so. So while not all the nudity went as planned it has been a lovely unclad start to the weekend.