Today I was poking around online and trying to do some research on where to stay for my time in Greece. I am pretty confident I’m going to stay at the Geranium Hotel in Mykonos as it’s central and it has a beautiful clothing optional pool terrace. For my time in Santorini and Naxos though, I hadn’t given any thought to the fact that the islands are quite large and I may not be able to get around them that easily. It also appears that there really aren’t many nude beaches in Greece these days which seems like a real shame.

For Santorini I’m leaning towards the town of Oia which seems to be the place to go for sunset views. As far as Naxos is concerned I have no idea at all. I was lead to believe that it is a nice relaxed island and that it has some nude beaches but once again the island is large and I don’t want to be staying a million miles from all the good stuff. So dear readers, I’m putting it out to you to give me some advice. If you have spent time in Greece and have some tips and tricks, please let me know!

Keep in mind I’m not a party boy so I don’t need to be near night clubs etc. Just good food, good beaches, things to do and hopefully some nakedness.

swimming naked in Saronida bay from Active Naturists on Vimeo.