Following on from last night’s post about a fantasy being ticked off the sexual bucket list, tonight I’m asking about who should be involved.

I mentioned that I’d drunkenly asked a friend to organise the scenario. I asked him because he is a friend with occasional benefits. We have fooled around on many occasions and we occasionally have an evening spent watching porn, drinking a  few beers and having a wank together. He also has a very healthy sex life and has more contacts so he’d be likely to be able to source the right guys.

Part of me wants the anonymity of strangers who I don’t really care what they think of me but on the other hand I like the idea of it being people I’m comfortable with and know, like my friend.

Some friends of mine went through a stage a few years ago when their sex life suffered from differing perspectives. One of them had lots of things he wanted to try but wanted to try them with people he didn’t know. His partner wanted him to try them with him. Both of them are valid points. One didn’t want to feel judged so wanted strangers. If it didn’t go well or turn out to be that hot, send them on their way and that’s that. The other wanted the comfort and security of the relationship to explore

I’m curious. If you, my lovely readers were to explore new sexual terrain would that include familiar faces or rely on the kindness or strangers?