As gay men, I believe we are in a privileged position where we have more freedom to explore our sexual fantasies and desires than our straight counterparts. We have already broken the rules of mainstream society so we may as well have all the fun we can dream of.

By a lot of gay standards I’m fairly restrained in my sex life. I’ve ticked off some fantasies and had a lot of fun along the way but there are still some things to tick off from my sexual bucket list. The question is whether or not they should just stay in that magical land of sexual fantasies where they never get spoilt by bad timing, a bad smell or the wrong partner to try them with. The longer I go without sex, the dirtier my urges are getting and on my birthday, I asked a friend to help me organise something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. Now we were both drunk and it’s unlikely to happen for a couple of reasons but I’m genuinely not sure if trying to fulfill this fantasy would ruin it or not.

In my typical Libran style I am firmly on the fence as to whether or not it is a good idea. In reality my mojo seems to be dying a slow and painful death at the moment and maybe a good slutty fantasy session would kick start it again and give it a good old fashion kick in the pants.