Thursday night was the Finale of the second Australian season of The Bachelorette. A girlfriend of mine and I regularly catch up to watch it with some dinner and a couple of glasses of wine. Last night I was most definitely on #teamLee (centre) and Lauren was on #teamMatty (just to the right of Lee). Lee won and looked so bloody damn beautiful doing it. The man is seriously my type.

We have also watched the most recent season of The Bachelor and there are some striking differences between the two series. Sure, they both have some people who are there for fame (see Rhys and Sam above at either end, who spent more time bitching about each other than even thinking about wooing the lovely Georgia) and the locations and dates are all fairly similar. The main difference I noticed is that the men are all quite supportive of each other and it becomes almost a male bonding exercise with some dating competition thrown in.

The women essentially want to claw each other’s eyes out. There is so much editing done to portray a villain, the hopeless loser, the naive guy, the underdog etc that I am certain it’s all in the eyes of the producers. But are they playing up to what we expect from men versus what we expect from women? I’m guessing yes, for the most part. It seems that women aren’t actually allowed to be friends if they are both single and there is an eligible man in the room in the eyes of the general public. It’s all totally manufactured drama but I’m pretty sure I know single women who would check the single guy out and then go back to their catch up.

Feminism doesn’t appear to have hit the Bachelor sets just yet.