A while ago I posted an interview with a guy that is known as a “digital nomad” Justin Alexander. Justin had sold up all his possessions and was living a pretty adventurous life on the road. Learning meditation skills in Nepal, living with an Indonesian family in a hut in the jungle, travelling the U.S. West Coast on a motorcycle and tracking wolves. It seems that sadly that adventurous spirit, which was leading him to more dangerous, solitary endeavours might have cost him his life.

Two weeks or so ago I received an email from a reader letting me know that he’d gone missing with a link to an instagram account. It was the instagram of a friend of his who was trying to raise funds for people to go looking for him. That was followed about a week later with a post saying that it appears that he has been killed. His belongings were found beside a waterfall in India and two men are allegedly in custody. That is all the detail I have at the moment.

My brief interactions with Justin over the internet always gave me the impression he was a very deep, if slightly troubled soul. Sometimes I wonder if we are only allowed so much adventure in one lifetime and some people use it up a lot more quickly than others? Such a loss.