The Art Director has resigned from my workplace after a few years of pushing and pushing to get the business heading in a positive direction. Sadly our boss isn’t a very proactive man and he hasn’t cooperated and as a result the Art Director has decided enough is enough. We had a conversation today and he’s encouraging me to leave. After over 8 years in the same job I really do need to decide what my next move is. I’ve learned a lot in the time I’ve been there but I can’t see a long future for the company and certainly not for me there.

The trouble is, I think that while my salary isn’t anything wildly exorbitant, I might be just about at the top of the salary bracket for the kind of role/career I’m in. So even if I do move on to something else I think I’m going to have to look for additional sources of income. I don’t need to be rich but my car needs to be replaced very soon and my computer is struggling so some extra money needs to be found or some lifestyle changes need to be made.

Murphy’s law, all these expenses come up just after I’ve financially committed to my trip to Europe next year otherwise I might have postponed and saved to get the car replaced. But life is never that simple is it? Looks like it’s time to really push for some wedding photography or something.

It’s times like these, where money is causing stress, that I envy the hot, young, hung guys with no hangups who go and do a bit of escorting to fill up the bank account. However, that is just not for me.

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