In the past few months I have started following a few Youtubers. Some of them have been fun for a while and others have stopped posting but I was late to the party. One of the guys I watch is Mr Ben Brown who has been a very regular vlogger for a few years now. He’s got just over 600,000 subscribers making my 34 subscribers look incredibly lame and it is pretty much his job now. As well as some professional photography and selling a bit of merchandise, from what I can tell, Youtube provides most of his income. It also provides him with some amazing opportunities.

One of those opportunities recently was to do a 13 day tour from Greenland to Canada above the Arctic Circle. The tour included daily helicopter rides and visits to glaciers, remote communities and all sorts of unforgettable experiences. Thankfully for us, Ben has great skill with a camera and along side his almost daily vlogs, he puts together a Visual Vibes video from time to time. He released his Arctic Visual Vibe video overnight and I’ve watched it a couple of times today. It is more like visual feast. The music, the editing and of course the footage are superb.

Ben was the man that mostly inspired my recent attempts at vlogging, so you can either thank him or blame him depending on your opinions of my efforts so far. While you make up your mind, immerse yourself in this beautiful seven and a half minutes.