As I mentioned the other day, Joel Devereux has announced the dates and venue for his #Foodporn series. This was a series that I was going to be photographed for but, kinda thankfully, it didn’t happen. I would have really enjoyed being a part of the series but I don’t think my body would have stood up next to the bodies of the other guys that I’ve seen.

Starting on 25 January next year at the Brisbane Powerhouse, #Foodporn is a bit of a send up of people on instagram taking photos of their food and tagging it #foodporn. The press release states “#FOODP*RN satisfies an aesthetic, sensual hunger and encourages cravings of every imaginable kind. Drawing on the historical role of food as both universal and aphrodisiac, these works combine a playful critique of our recent obsession with food trends and celebrity chefs with a celebration of the male form that will leave you drooling.” I have to say I’d probably agree if the images above are any indication.

At the same time the exhibition is launched, so too is the book. As yet, there are no details on where the book will be available to purchase but I know I’ll be buying one.

While Joe’s work is always beautiful, he has a few different moods that he works in. Sometimes his work is dark and brooding with a sinister edge. At other times he focuses on the glittery world of burlesque performers and all their feathery goodness. For Foodporn Joel has gone very tongue in cheek, camp but masculine at the same time and it works really well. Who is ever going to argue with the beautiful round booty of bodybuilders and hot twinks covered in food? Not me.