This post has a danger of sounding like it’s being written by a born again Christian or a reformed smoker. I promise the tone is not meant to be judgemental but of empathy and fascination.

A month or so ago, someone that had once told me that he could smell the desperation for a husband coming off me, looked at me and said “Something’s changed, you seem really relaxed.” While the previous judgement from him hadn’t been welcome, the new appraisal certainly was. He was right. While I don’t think I reeked of desperation, I certainly have been very guilty over the years of looking at nearly every man I met and wondering if they could be a potential romantic partner.

In my new found mood of contentment with my singledom, even though some sex and cuddles would be awesome, it’s offering a look from the other side at people who are in my old state of mind. There are a couple of people I know on social media who are fairly guilty of posting some woe-is-me, “why doesn’t anyone love me?” posts. I can’t offer any advice though because nothing in particular happened for me to get from there to where I am now. Perhaps I just got lost in a life that I’m enjoying a lot and forgot to dwell on it?

Everyone has always said that I’ll meet someone when I’m not looking. Well I’m not looking now and Prince Charming hasn’t suddenly appeared and that’s just fine. It would be nice to see the guys still stuck in the sadness of being single look up and revel in the freedom that it allows as well.

Now, where do I audition a fuck buddy who likes cuddles?