Friend and fellow photographer Joel Devereux has just announced the dates and venue for his glorious #FOODPORN exhibition. At one stage I was going to be photographed for it but in the end that photo shoot didn’t happen, probably for the benefit of the ultimate exhibition.

The announcement of his exhibition got me thinking about if and when I will have another gallery exhibition. Given that I had a gallery exhibition in February 2011, another in February 2013 and an online exhibition in February 2015, if I stuck to the same timeline I should be finalising a series for February next year. That isn’t going to happen. While I’ve been playing with a few themes I’m far from ready to embark on another full exhibition and definitely not a gallery show.

With a car that needs replacing sometime in the not too distant future and a European odyssey planned and booked for mid next year, the $4,000+ that it costs to put on, a gallery show is unlikely any time soon. It would give me a more focused direction to work towards once I decided on the theme but at the moment I’m just enjoying the different shoots that I’m doing and can take a shoot by shoot approach. That way I don’t feel locked in to one idea.