This weekend I have some plans to head down to the Royal National Park to the nude beach down there with a new friend to do a photo shoot. We will probably do the hike down nude as well which is always fun. The idea of a nude hike is something I’ve always liked but never had the guts to do but the long track down to this particular beach has a sign right near the top that says it’s a nude beach so my mates and I figure everyone past that sign knows what they are in for. Granted, I don’t hike back up nude very often because the steep trail makes me look like I’m having a heart attack which can be a bit confronting to others, especially on a 40-something nude man.

Of course in my mind the day will look just like this gif of the Warwick Rowers. All fun, great bodies and relaxed fun nudity. The reality is almost certainly quite different. The crowd there doesn’t typically resemble a bunch of 20 year old fit guys frolicking nude sadly.

Unfortunately the weather on Saturday doesn’t look very promising for a photo shoot, nor a day in the sun as there won’t be any sun. Rain is predicted and while a walk nude in the rain would be a fun thing to do that area is full of leeches and I refuse to have a leech on my dick just to go for a walk nude.