Today I went back to the nude beach, two weeks after my first visit of the season. Generally I treat that beach as my happy place and even when I run into someone I haven’t been nude with I feel quite relaxed and comfortable. I’ve been going there for years and I love it.

A few years ago, as it’s not a legally recognised nude beach, there were some raids and warnings and as a result it’s attracted a less nude crowd since then. Even now that the authorities have stopped raiding the beach and stopped putting signs up saying that clothing must be worn the crowd is still less of a nude crowd than it used to be.

Today was one of the days that the weather and the tide were perfect. The beach was getting bigger as the day went on and the tide went out but the beach got very full very quickly and by midday we nudies were in the minority. 50/50 is pretty much my tipping point. I’m not a militant nudist that will protest my right to walk around wang out and if I’m in the minority, I’m not comfortable. So despite the day being beautiful, I was uneasy and packed my things, pulled my shorts on and left.

Next weekend at this stage I’m aiming to go down to the national park nude beach to have a day down there with a friend. That beach is always 95%+ nude and I’ve never seen it even remotely busy. Fingers crossed for a great day.