You might have noticed that there hasn’t been a Fitness Challenge update posted this month. Unfortunately the challenge has been abandoned for this round. Damien had withdrawn and Derek couldn’t really train because of a hernia and my work has been so flat out the last few weeks that my training has been very hit and miss.

It’s really hard to get out of bed at 5.40 in the morning when you’ve been at work for 14 hours the day before. I’m so impressed by people that have the dedication to train hard no matter how long their days. My sorry arse did get out of bed today, even after a long day yesterday and go to the gym to do a short but effective leg workout. There might be one more long day today and then Friday shouldn’t be too bad. I will be enjoying a dinner and drinks with some friends on Friday night, that’s for sure.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at some guys that clearly have some dedication to working out.

AAG Promotional Video from Michael A. Downs on Vimeo.