I only have one small tattoo on my lower back. A tramp stamp if you will. I’ve toyed with getting it removed but to be honest I don’t see the point at the moment as I don’t see it so I almost forget it’s there and while I don’t regret it, I probably wouldn’t get it done again if I had my time over. Thankfully it’s not offensive or horrible unlike a lot of the tattoos people get when they are drunk on holidays or just plain old make a bad decision.

The UK tv series Tattoo Fixers, aims to right some of these inking wrongs. The show has come under fire from some in the tattoo industry but I think that is pretty standard for any industry represented in the reality tv world. I’m not here to comment on the quality of the show itself, rather the hotness of two of the cast. While a lot of tattoos are not my thing we are so used to seeing them on everyone now that it doesn’t turn me off the way it used to.

Jay Hutton is a gorgeous guy with a big smile framed by lips that I want to kiss a lot. It’s a disarming smile and his eyes are big, blue and beautiful. Apparently whoever does their promo photos knows that but goes way too hard on photo shopping them.

Sketch is a tall, lanky guy that has something very sexy about him. He’s not at all my usual type with tattoos up his neck and everywhere as well as facial piercings but I think, after seeing all of about 20 minutes of the show that he is pretty down to earth and chilled. Like Jay he’s a straight guy but on the show, he seems to be the one that gets called in to do cover ups on tattoos that guys have on their cocks. Jay won’t go near them but Sketch doesn’t care.

Who the fuck gets a tattoo on his cock?