Several weeks ago I was put in touch with a Ukrainian model who was in town and looking to do some shoots while he was in town. That was all accelerated last week when he decided that while he sorts out a more suitable visa for Australia, that he’ll be leaving town for several months. He chased me up and asked if we could squeeze in a shoot before he leaves so we just decided to get it done on Sunday morning.

Philippe had really liked some of the shots I’d done of guys out in nature with the textures of rocks etc played off against skin. So off we went down to the nude beach and I’m very glad we did. Philippe’s skin tones against the beautiful sandstone rocks down there in the soft light work really, really well. There are many many photos that could be used as evidence against putting oil on a model’s skin. Some models look like they’ve been drowned in oil and prepared to be roasted. When you just put a little bit of oil on skin like Philippe’s it brings out the smooth texture and the definition. I can’t work out if I prefer black and white or colour, so here are some options of both

It was just a shame I didn’t get to film this shoot to post as a behind the scenes video. You guys would have enjoyed it.