Yesterday Tinder popped up with a match for me with a guy a few kilometres away. We started having a fairly polite and innocent conversation. He asked what I’d been up to over the long weekend so along with some other things I’d done, I told him about spending a lovely day naked on a yacht with friends.

The reply I got to that was “sounds very wholesome” with a clear sarcasm which is rare in the written word.

I told him that it was all purely innocent and we had just been sitting around having some drinks and enjoying the weather. To which he replied “If you say so.” It was at that point that I decided to let that conversation go. We all know that I’ve had some fun at nude beaches from time to time but I’ve also had many many very innocent days in the sun nude with friends. I’ve had nude dinners and drinks with friends that have been completely non-sexual. If someone can’t separate nudity and sexy then that’s fine but it’s pretty clear that we aren’t really a match and there’s no point pursuing anything.

My last boyfriend who I still get on well with, couldn’t separate nudity and sex and the thought of social nudity just threw him into a mental spin and it was a contributing factor in the failure of our relationship.

Nudity can equal sex, but nude doesn’t have to equal sex. It can actually be perfectly innocent.