It’s a long weekend here in Sydney this weekend. Unlike the U.S. we also have a Labor Day but different states celebrate it at different times of the year for some strange reason. So it’s a Monday morning here and I’m sitting at home enjoying another day of the weekend which is good because the four days in the office this week are going to be brutal, long days.

Yesterday was a glorious day and all week I’d been watching the weather predictions and looking forward to getting my gear off down at the beach. So what did I do? I made a vlog about it. I’m still learning about this vlogging business and making videos in general but I’m really enjoying it. Talking to the camera while lying naked on the beach was a bit weird and I felt self conscious even though there weren’t many people around. I guess that’s something I just have to get used to.

It was such a nice day down at La Perouse and as you’ll see in the video, I ended up on a yacht with some friends which was a very pleasant way to spend the day indeed. If only I were rich.