A long time reader of this blog and internet friend posted a photo last week on Instagram that caught my eye. Jaime is very popular on Instagram because he’s a prolific poster of nude selfies and as you can see he has a rocking body. He lives in Spain and has gone on vacation for the last four years in a row, to a little part of Spain called Vera.

Jaime describes it as having been started as a bit of a nudist haven in the 70’s with little areas of urbanization springing up that aren’t really resorts but pockets of accommodation etc. Some of these “urbanizations” as he calls them are exclusively nude and others are clothing optional but in the whole area you can walk around nude as much as you like. Jaime tells me he didn’t wear anything more than a t-shirt for a full week. That sounds like heaven.

I’ve never managed more than about 2 full days with nothing on. The idea of being in a nude town and being able to shop and eat nude sounds beautiful to me. I know France has the famous Cap D’Adge but that sounds more like a swingers club from what I’ve heard these days than just a beautiful place to be nude.

Jaime wanted his frontal photos covered and supplied it like that so don’t ask me why he is too shy. It’s his choice.