With my decision to abandon the idea of sailing nude through Greece and focus on Mykonos and Santorini, at this stage I’ll be in Greece by myself.
It’s not unusual for me to travel alone, having done that last year and several other times before. I’m doing Iceland with a friend and quite happily doing Germany alone. Germany will be fun to do alone I think, making the acquaintance of all those friendly naked German men.

I have no issue travelling alone but I’m starting to think that maybe it would be nice to have someone in Greece with me. The trouble with travelling is making sure you do it with the right people. Different holidays require different friends. There are friends that I would never have even contemplated going to Burning Man with but who I would happily sit in a Queensland resort with.

Greece will be spent relaxing naked on beaches, sipping on chilled beers in the sunshine and walking around exploring. That’s not a difficult holiday but 9 days of anywhere can put a strain on a friendship. My decision is now whether or not I put a call out to people to see if anyone wants to join me. I already have the dates of my time in Greece so that could limit the options.

Naked in the center of Thessaloniki – Γυμνοι στο κεντρο της Θεσσαλονικης 12/7/2013 from Giannis Maskidis on Vimeo.