A couple of months ago I annoyed the hell out of you all by constantly posting about the #barenakedtruth project but I’ve given you a bit of a rest so it’s time. The response to the project has been overwhelmingly positive. Even though having a nude photo of a friend they’ve not seen in that light popping up on Facebook has been a bit of a surprise people have been full of praise for the people who took part.

During the photography phase I was only aware of a handful of the actual stories that people had shared and some of them have really resonated with me and they are all touching everyone who reads them whether they are sad, tragic or full of happiness.

We are doing what we can to try and make an exhibition of the series happen and feeling very positive that we will make it a reality. Please follow #barenakedtruth and mypeoplemytribe on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with the images and the stories. They’ve been going up for over 70 days now, one per day. So we are nearly three-quarters of the way through. It is definitely the photography project that I’m most proud to be a part of. It really feels important and special to me.

Because I know my audience here at Aussielicious, today I’m sharing a handful of the sexy guys that took part with you. You will have to go and read their stories here.