After last night’s post about cancer and a friend losing one of his balls to testicular cancer, I thought it would be appropriate to post this video of the doctors from Embarrassing Bodies instructing a football team through a self examination on tv. I’m not sure I would be that fussed on checking my balls for lumps on national tv but it is a great instructional tool. Let’s face it, we’ve all had thoughts about football teams with their gear off so here it is.

I had a scare when I thought I found a lump on my ball many years ago. Thankfully after a quick trip to the doctor it turned out to be nothing but for a little while there I was worried. Too many men are worried about being embarrassed about something like this but it’s worth being sure. The doctor I saw that day was a woman who apparently had children in my surf club which she decided to mention while she was rolling my balls around in her hand. Just to add to the awkward feeling.