This weekend was a had moments that just pissed me off. Nothing that impacted me directly was bad but some people I know went through some shit. A man I didn’t know very well but have a lot of time and respect for lost his battle with a form of cancer after what we thought was a successful treatment last year. He leaves behind a wonderful husband and two children. I may not have known him well but his death has shaken me and clearly affected a lot of people evidenced by the memories being shared on Facebook.

Yesterday I also found out that a long time reader of this blog, who has also modelled for me and I now consider a friend has just had testicular cancer. Thankfully he has had some surgery and treatment and is looking toward a full and easy recovery.

There are so many people going through this kind of thing around the world but why does it always feel like the good people? One of my friends will be fine, the other has sadly gone and it feels really shitty. Sorry this post is a change of pace and not very cheerful but it really moved me.