A couple of weeks ago I booked the flights to Europe and back. Two days ago my friend and I booked the camper van that we will squeeze ourselves into to drive around Iceland for 8 nights. The mate that is coming with me is someone I’ve known for several years, but we don’t see a lot of each other. Being crammed into a camper van on the road for 8 nights together and in Iceland for 10 nights in total together could make or break the friendship.

What is the etiquette for sharing a bed but probably in separate sleeping bags? Am I allowed to sleep nude?

The van we have is small. It has the driver’s seat and passenger seat but behind that is the bed. Underneath the bed is the storage for the table and chairs and cooking equipment etc. So it’s going to be cosy. I know I can be a restless sleeper and I’m scared that will drive my buddy mad. He’s also a friend that I haven’t been nude in front of, nor have I seen him nude. He has no qualms with nudity but that’s not his thing. He has been told that I fully intend to find a quiet thermal hot spring somewhere to strip off and have a soak. There have also been warnings about nude selfies on a beach with icebergs in the background. There aren’t many opportunities for that living in Australia so I fully intend to make the most of the chances I get.

The holiday is nine months away but getting things booked is so exciting!