Today a fellow photographer posted a warning on Facebook about someone who is very routinely stealing other photographer’s photos and using them on image sites as his own. Unfortunately he’s not very smart about it even taking a photo from a Facebook group for Melbourne Photographers and then posting it in the same group asking for comments and feedback. Obviously when you are that level of stupid, you get caught. Many many people have reported him on the various websites and commented on his own Facebook profile only to be abused as frauds and threatened.

With so many people knowing he is a fraud and being the victims of his theft (including an award winning photographer) why would you continue? What does he have to gain from posting photos that aren’t his? Sure those that don’t know might believe him for a while. That would be shattered the minute they see the comments on his photos from all the photographers he has stolen from.

As someone that has taken 12 years to get to the level I am at, with many years to go learning and improving along the way, I started by sharing images that I look back on now and wonder what I was thinking. No one expects you to start out with award winning images and surely there is more satisfaction in sharing images that are your own?

In the meantime, enjoy more photos of David from Sunday’s photo shoot.