This weekend, after unwisely cancelling a photo shoot due to weather on Saturday, I had another shoot on Sunday morning. This time with a young guy I’d met online through another model of mine. David is a guy in his mid twenties who has a real Hollywood leading man, classic look about him. Not only does he have a great face but the body is absolutely beautiful.

Those of you partial to a furry guy might be disappointed but those of us who don’t mind their men smooth will delight in his completely shaved look. He’s not shy at all and was brave enough to go along with my plans to stretch some sheer black fabric over him. We also did a couple of other setups and I have to say I’m really happy with all of the results. It’s pretty difficult to take a bad photo of someone like David who looks great from all angles. We all know I am quite fond of the boy next door look and David epitomises that.

I did do some behind the scenes footage so hopefully I will get a chance to edit that together soon.