A couple of days ago on RUOK Day the theme for this year was reconnecting. With that in mind I sent a text message to my old gym buddy who I haven’t seen in ages. We last worked out together about 9 years ago and apart from a quick hello in the street when we bumped into each other a few months ago it would be 5 years since we’ve had a good catch up. We are catching up next weekend for a picnic with his wife and two little girls who I am yet to meet. His wife was pregnant for the first time when we last caught up. Too long.

It got me thinking about how well we worked out when we were training together. He pushed me to train harder and also with better form. Any of my mates that saw me working out with him were jealous because he is a good looking guy but because he is straight there was never any distraction with flirting or anything. He was good motivation to get to the gym but also focused when we were there.

In the time since I have trained with another gym buddy but that wasn’t working for either of us after a while so we ended that training relationship. In the couple of years since that situation ended I’ve trained alone with varying amounts of success. Maybe it’s time to look for a new gym buddy. Sadly at my gym at the time when I train I haven’t really seen any likely candidates. There’s no deadline to make it happen if it happens at all so I guess I’ll just keep my eyes open.