Tomorrow is R U OK Day in Australia. Started by Gavin Larkin several years ago after his father committed suicide, the day is all about reaching out to people you are worried about and asking the simple question “Are you ok?” Importantly, you have to be ready for the answer even if it’s not a good answer. The other challenge is to keep an eye out on your friends even if they say they are fine.

As members of the LGBT community we are more at risk of suicide. Thankfully, no matter how sad or alone I’ve felt at times I’ve never been clinically depressed or had suicidal thoughts. I have known people who have taken their own life and it is such a tragic waste. The focus of this year’s campaign is about reconnecting to people who you might have lost touch with who may need you. So, even if you aren’t worried about anyone, why not just reach out to someone you haven’t heard from in a while. It can’t hurt can it?