It’s that time of the month again and it’s time for the Fitness Challenge update. Sadly Damien has had to pull out because of some personal issues which is a shame but I do know that life is treating him well now that he’s living in the U.S. All the best wishes Damien.

Derek and I are still participating even though I’ve just had an unhealthy dinner for the second night in a row tonight but I will train hard tomorrow at work in our group training session. I think I have actually lost a little bit of weight and I’m feeling good at the moment. I don’t know that I see any real difference but a work colleague commented that she thinks I’ve lost weight in my face so that’s a plus.

Derek has also lost a little bit of weight through his good eating and the exercise that he can actually do given a hernia situation. He’s coming to the end of his nude beach season and I’m working towards mine. Fingers crossed!