Today I put in my leave request for the big European adventure next June/July and my boss approved it straight away! I thought there might be some hesitance given I’ve asked for a full month off but nope. APPROVED! I do have over five weeks of leave accrued already and by the time that trip comes around I’ll have earned nearly another four.

Now I just need to organise some flights that hopefully won’t cost me a fortune. Getting to Iceland will most likely be the tricky part but I’m assuming I’ll fly to somewhere like London or Frankfurt and then get a cheap flight from there with a smaller airline. Then I’ll be annoying the hell out of my mates to take photos of me like the ones above. These are all taken in Iceland. The shots on either end are of Simon Lohmeyer, a German photographer who is always getting his gear off in his photos. The shot in the middle is of a tattooed Hipster Viking by the name of Brunjólfur Love Mogensson, aka Binnilove on Instagram.

Iceland has been on my list for a long time, ever since I lived in London and nearly went for a visit but didn’t have the money. It’s such a wildly beautiful place and although even in Summer it will still be cold, I’m dying to see it.