A mate of mine, and probably travel buddy for Iceland next year has started a series of regular podcasts called Elevan O’Clock. No he’s not bad at spelling. His name is Evan. The premise of Evan’s podcasts is “Everyone has a story. What’s yours?” which I really like because it’s an idea that I really believe and it also goes along nicely with the #barenakedtruth photography project that I did a couple of months ago.

I have the privilege of being the second post on Elevan O’Clock. Evan seems to think that I’m an interesting enough person to be the subject of a 46 minute interview which was a little intimidating to start with but it was an easy chat. I haven’t listened to all of it as yet but I hope I came across as a relatively intelligent individual and not a rambling fool.

Please go and check out the podcasts. Evan is a great guy and very intelligent and I know that he will be talking to some fascinating people as he goes along. It’s interesting being interviewed for something like this as I believe the questions that are asked give as much of an insight into the interviewer and their mind as the answers do about the subject.