It’s no secret that Cirque Du Soleil is something I enjoy seeing a lot. The company started near Quebec City in the early 80’s as a troupe of street performers. Shortly after, one of those performers Guy Laliberté took the group on tour and essentially created what is now a world wide phenomenon.

Last night a few of us from my circus school went to see Kooza, the show currently performing in Sydney. While it wasn’t my favourite of the Cirque shows that I’ve seen it was really entertaining and it goes without saying that some of the acts were incredible to see. The couple next to me seemed to have other opinions. The boyfriend or husband was next to me and he must be blessed with enormous testicles because his knees were never less than one and a half feet from each other. He also seemed determined to take photos or footage even though it is expressly banned. During the first half the two of them did not clap a single time. Hubby was too intent on covertly photographing things that clearly didn’t impress him at all, and shovelling popcorn in his mouth.

After the interval the two of them never came back. I’m not sure if their stay was limited to a period of time determined by him having popcorn or if they were somehow unimpressed by a very impressive show. It actually takes a lot of effort to be that miserable. The seats we had were $160 each and they didn’t even bother with the second half of the show which was even more impressive than the first. What a waste of money.