Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Andrew again. Not all the aspects of the photo shoot went to plan and while I’m happy with some of the photos it’s not my favourite photo shoot of late. The paper kites that I made for the shoot didn’t fly the way I expected so poor Andrew was trying to model while wrestling with the erratic flying of my craftsmanship gone wrong.

For the first time in a long time thought, I had a friend come along to film the shoot so that I could put together a behind the scenes video. It’s just a short little video but each time I put together a video I am getting clearer with what I want to do and getting better in how I edit it together. It really is a different mindset working with video. The key seems to be thinking about what you want to do in the end result and making sure you get all the footage you’ll need rather than just shooting whatever and then cobbling it together.

Andrew is so much fun to work with. The poor guy, as you’ll see in the video, had to deal with wind and it was  still winter when we did the shoot, there were golfers and fishermen nearby as well just to complicate things.