For the last few weeks I’ve watched a lot of videos from Youtube Vloggers. There are a couple that are fairly well known. I started with JacksGap who was doing lots of videos along with his twin brother but seems to have gone off the radar about 12 months ago. He has lots of content to go through and was developing a real social conscience with his content. Through his adventures I discovered Mr Ben Brown who it would appear makes a living from Youtube videos, Instagram and Photography.

The world of the professional Youtuber is quite a big business. Ben Brown is constantly travelling and for a long time was posting a video blog, or vlog every day. Any good vlogger seems to have a few different playlists set up on their Youtube channel for different themes or series that they create. It’s something I’m interested in trying but after watching a lot of videos I have noticed that while the successful ones have a really strong brand, the videos can get a bit samey-samey.

If I do give it a go I may just ignore that building a brand idea and just make videos that I feel like. It feels like Aussielicious already has a fairly good brand even though my content is a bit eclectic. There would be photography videos, travel videos, me rambling on to camera videos and whatever else I come up with. It goes without saying there would be a hint of nudity from time to time.

Here is one of Mr Ben Brown’s videos. He is certainly a good looking man and a former world champion kayaker.