As someone that can’t really handle compliments all that well, I’m always impressed and baffled by people who have a lot of confidence in themselves. Now I’m not talking about arrogant douchebags, rather people who are just very content in who they are no matter what. After watching the documentary on the Crossfit Games I was talking to a friend about it and he had watched it himself. We then spoke about the guys and how hot they were and their bodies etc etc etc.

The guy that came second is very much the type of guy my friend goes for. Hairy and a bit rough around the edges. My friend said “Oh the things I would do to him” or something like that and I replied “Yeah right. As if you’d have a chance.” to which my friend took legitimate offence. Now let’s take out of the equation that the guy in the documentary is most likely straight and on the other side of the world, which to me are pretty big points against them hooking up. The other factors (in my mind) going against my friend are the 20 year age gap and the fact that one is super fit and my friend is definitely not, complete with beer belly.

What I do admire about my friend is his unshakeable talent at backing himself. That is something I’ve never been good at but he, and other people I know, have the confidence to approach anyone they think is hot because they believe that they stand just as good a chance as anyone. It’s a quality that I get jealous of but I also wonder what goes through their head when they get knocked back? Do people with so much confidence see themselves differently to the way others do or are they lucky enough to just believe that you can never know what someone will be attracted to and it may well be them?