Last night I watched the documentary on Netflix “Fittest on Earth” about the 2015 Reebok World Crossfit Games. Now I’ve toyed with the idea of Crossfit but a couple of things have put me off. Horror stories about form going out the window just to lift more, the cost and the bandwagon factor.

There is a joke that says “If someone does Crossfit and they are Vegan, which one do they talk about first?” and that rings very true. It seems to be the opposite of Fight Club and the rules 1, 2 and 3 are ALWAYS talk about Crossfit.

Having said that, watching these men and women compete was pretty inspiring and a little scary. They are willing to go so hard in this competition that some of them collapsed and they were almost always in pain because they were pushing their bodies so far.

One of the competitors that only briefly makes an appearance is Sydney’s Khan Porter. He’s become Australia’s first professional Crossfit Athlete and gone from a young pretty boy model to a sexy as hell athletic man. Obviously I don’t know him at all but I bet he talks about Crossfit a lot. There was certainly a lot of very hot bodies to look at in this documentary, but did it inspire me to do Crossfit? Nope. Not really.