Once again that time of year has come where the use of the word “playa” spikes into numbers rarely seen outside August and September. Burning Man kicks off today and tens of thousands of people are headed out onto the “playa” to experience one of the most intense, intimidating, liberating, fun and bonkers things I’ve ever done. One of my good mates who was with our camp the second time I went was chatting to me yesterday about it and we were both feeling very nostalgic about Burning Man. He’s absolutely certain that he will be going back while I’m semi-keen to go back.

I’m not sure that the magic of the first time will ever be matched nor am I sure that I want to go and try, or even spend all that time and money going to something that I’ve done twice even though it is a constantly evolving beast of wonder. No doubt each time you go you learn different things about yourself and have a different experience. For me however, I think my focus is experiencing the rest of the world and seeing new things in different places.

To everyone descending on the playa, have an amazing time. Say yes to things. Say yes to people. Say yes to the beautiful smiles and hugs and say yes to the dust because that is inevitable.