Nearly a month ago I posted that as part of learning to accept the aging process and grow more content with my body, I was going to do a creative self portrait photo once a month for a while. Well, four weeks later and I haven’t made a start. I haven’t changed my mind at all but there has been a snag. I’m completely devoid of ideas. Life has been so busy in the past few weeks that attempting anything elaborate just hasn’t been an option and apart from a cheeky nude selfie when I was location scouting on Saturday, there hasn’t really been a good opportunity to do anything, let alone come up with a concept.

This is where you all come into it. Lots of you have been reading this blog for years and I really love your ongoing support, encouragement, comments and sometimes the challenging feedback about things you believe I might have gotten wrong. As a friend said to me on the weekend, I share a lot on this blog. Possibly too much. Those of you that have been reading the blog for a long time now have a pretty good idea of who I am and I’m sure you have some ideas on how you think I should photograph myself.

The challenge is now being thrown to you. Keep it legal but I want to hear how you see me portraying myself in a creative sense. Photoshop and a bit of trickery is more than allowed, as are raw and simple, honest ideas with no smoke or mirrors. The ideas don’t have to be nude either, the photos above are just some beautiful self portrait examples from (left to right) Alex Stoddard, Mikel Marton, Nick Turner, Lars Stephan and Stephan Tobias.

And… GO!