Two weeks ago I visited somewhere new. It’s always been somewhere that I’ve thought about visiting but didn’t think I could ever get there, that it was even a possibility.

It all came about from having a long conversation with a very dear friend. It was one of those deep and meaningful conversations that flows naturally and ends up somewhere quite unexpected, like where I am now. The friend I was chatting to is one of those people who has a real knack for cutting to the heart of a conversation and pulling out the important bits while making you see them in a new light.

So what did he say and where am I that I’ve never been before? Well, the first part of that question will remain unanswered. It was a long and insightful conversation during which he challenged me in the nice, non-confronting way that he does and the discussion itself isn’t important to the story.

The place that this conversation has delivered me to is one full of freedom and relaxation. It is a magical land where I have realised that I am perfectly comfortable being single. Sure, a bit of romance and physical intimacy would be wonderful but a shift in perspective has let me see that my life is great as is and if that person never comes along, oh well. There are bound to be times where I feel lonely again but hopefully I won’t dwell on it so much. On the weekend I saw a guy that I haven’t seen in about 18 months. In the past he had said to me that he could smell the desperation for a husband coming off me. This weekend he said that I look really relaxed and different.

Good times to come.