This weekend I’m doing a second photoshoot with Andrew. Last time I photographed Andrew was in the studio and we did two different setups, with silvery fabric and another with red powder. This time we are heading outside and continuing a vague theme I’ve been playing with, paper and whimsy. Sometimes I think it’s sad that adults get caught up in the tedious day to day and forget how to play and have fun like kids.

In the shoots above, with Laria, Stephane & Ben and Tim I photographed them with paper/origami props and this weekend I’m photographing Andrew with a hand made kite. The kite is still to be made but I have the necessary equipment ready to go. I just need to make the time to see what I can do.

It always makes me smile when models come back to do more shoots with me. I guess it gives my ego a bit of a boost to know that people feel comfortable coming back to work with me again. There have been so many stories over the years of photographers touching models inappropriately or being really sleazy and I do my best not to be like that.

Fingers crossed the beautiful weather we’ve been having continues and we get some great photos.