A few days ago British divers Chris Mears and Jack Laugher took out the Gold medal in the synchronised 10m diving competition in Rio. That made them the first non-Chinese gold medalists in diving at the games so far. They weren’t expecting to win and understandably the boys were very excited and showed it in their celebrations on the side of the pool with Jack jumping up to hug Chris. The Daily Mail in the UK seemed a little put off by that comparing them to their Chinese counterparts who had a “Manly pat on the back” suggesting the British boys were going a bit too far.

Really? Is the British stiff upper lip so threatened by two straight men hugging in celebration of a fantastic achievement? It’s headlines like theirs that continue that myth that men aren’t allowed to show emotion. Most people have moved forward and realised that attitude hasn’t done well for mental health over the years but apparently people like the Daily Mail, not so much.

I personally, am all for people being able to express emotions freely. I cry in movies easily. I’ve even been known to cry in tv commercials. It warms my heart to have a hug from a good straight mate who doesn’t care about masculinity or sexuality. These guys live together, they own an apartment together, their girlfriends all hang out and they are best mates who train for hours per day together. Why not celebrate their win?