Bruce Weber is an iconic photographer and one of the stylemakers of a generation. He has a very distinct style and brands with money go to him when they want something distinctly Bruce. He is the man who essentially created the look for Abercrombie and Fitch and photographed all the models for their infamous quarterly “catalogue” that didn’t have a lot of clothing in them.

What is Bruce’s style? Think a lot of black and white, 50’s styling with masculine leather jackets, impossibly beautiful fresh faced models both male and female. He uses lots of sports references like wrestling and basketball. Throw in some jazz music and a solid dose of homoeroticism and you are there.

The new video for Versace’s “Dylan Blue” fragrance has all the hallmarks of Mr Weber. Gigi Hadid is the star but let’s face it, Bruce is an older gay man who knows how to beautifully capture men. There are kisses all over this video, Gigi kissing a male model and for good measure there are two gorgeous male boxers throwing in a quick kiss. For the gays it’s a nod to our fantasies of the rugged straight man being open to experimentation and for the less evolved straight men who might baulk at the homoerotic nature it could be justified as a psych out tactic by the alpha male. Either way, the advertisement is sexy in a West Side Story meets Grease kind of way. Classic Weber.

"Dylan Blue" for Versace from Bruce Weber on Vimeo.