Today I was having a discussion with a mate about body hair and grooming. A new acquaintance that will potentially be a nudie buddy and I were talking body hair and we worked out that he is quite partial to a furry guy whereas if forced to choose, I’m more likely to go for a smooth guy. Maybe it comes from being pretty smooth myself while my friend is a bit furry, so that’s what we are used to. It’s just a thought really.

This guy (above) is a guy I came across on tumblr. I’ve tried reverse image searching to find out who he is but I’m not having any luck. Whoever he is, he’s just about perfect. His body is borderline too beefy for my taste, but spectacular nonetheless and his smooth deliciously tanned skin is doing all sorts of things to my eye candy sugar levels. The furry beard is more than enough of a nod to furry masculinity and I’d be quite happy if it got a good trimming.

Whoever he may be, he’s damned delicious.